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  Several years ago we recognized a need for a specialized washdown capable overload clutch for bottle or container fillers or any type of turret container machine. The problem we saw with almost all turrets was they had no forgiveness for anything getting it the way. If something stuck, it usually broke or got severly damaged. Our overload clutch design is adaptable to most any size filler or turret machine and can be retro-fitted on almost all turrets. It features stainless steel construction. The CES Overload Clutch eliminates damage to expensive change parts and saves money by eliminating costly downtime for repairs. The overload can be easily reset to keep you up and running. Call us to discuss your particular need. Each overload is custom configured to meet your exact requirements.


To the left you see an example of one of our smallest overload clutches. This is a horizontal jack shaft orientation.
Here is the small overload clutch with horizontal jack shaft orientation installed into an existing bottle filler. This installation protected the infeed star wheel.
Here is an example of a larger size overload clutch with a shaft coupling mounting. We are able to remove the existing coupling from the filler turret and replace it with our overload clutch.

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Specialized Washdown Overload Clutch
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