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Welcome to the Creative Engineered Solutions, Inc. website.  We hope the information you find here is helpful and will encourage you to call us to discuss your production needs.  We purposely kept this site easy to navigate and hope you are able to easily access the information you are looking for.

A note about machine images: Because of the nature of the many proprietary systems we provide our customers we choose not to include images on the web. We understand the competitive sensitivities of these situations. Certain clients have given us permission to show their machine images in-house to non-competing clients. To view these images and videos and discuss your production needs please contact our offices to schedule an appointment.

On the service list page you will find a list and brief description of the services we offer.  Following that is a look at the extensive list of industries we service.  The capabilities section will give you a look at some of the tools we use to implement our projects.  In the news section you will find snippets of news as to the latest events that are taking place here at CES.  Of course you can always request information from us or contact us via phone or email and if you like you can follow the map to visit us personally.

We look forward to helping you with your design, engineering or fabrication needs as we work closely with you to implement the best and most creative solutions for your facility’s needs.  Whether it is a new design of a production machine or modification to an existing machine or a simple floor plan layout, we are there to help you cut costs and become more competitive in today’s market place.


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1 Freeport Road
Grimes Industrial Park
Pittston, PA 18640


Phone: 570-655-3399
Fax: 570-655-4499

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Our 15,000 square foot facility in Pittston Pennsylvania houses our engineering offices, assembly area, tool room and warehousing and indoor truck loading and unloading area.
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